My New Outside Blog: Blog: The ABC's on how to use the power of Yelp! Blog: The ABC's on how to use the power of Yelp! Blog: Why you need to know about the power of Yelp and how to use it! The ABC's on how to use the power of Yelp!

Webster Dictionary defines Yelp as a verb.

1.) To give a quick, sharp shrill cry as a dog, or fox.

2.) To cry or cry out sharply.

3.) To utter or express by or as by yelping.

Yelp was the brainchild of David Galbraith, who worked with Jeremy Stoppelman to provide a local services market reviews. The name Yelp is a contractions from the Yellow Pages. It started in October 2004 in San Fransisco and has developed into a Behemoth of consumer reviews and surpassed page views of City Search in 2008. Currently there are 32 million page views every single month. With Yelp Mobile Application now available Yelp has seen a 75% increase in page views in the first quarter of 2010.

Yelp has captured its dominance in the social media of business reviews because they have used a simple format that is search friendly and ranks consistently in the top 5 from its competitors on Google. All participants are assigned a unique URL that is the business name and city. Yelp allows open conversation between business and customers and business to business. 

Here are a couple of favorite restaurants of mine to show how URLs are assigned on Yelp. Yes I also rated them 5 Stars:

Baquette Cafe

My favorite dishes at Baguette Cafe are the Chipolte Chicken Sandwich or the omelet Panini and Drink is Green Tea with Pomegranate Juice.


Sakun Thai

When it comes to Authentic Thai food you can not get any better then Sakun Thai. My favorite Thai Dish is Cat Fish delight or the Sakun Thai Salad. Drink Thai Ice Coffee or Thai Ice Tea.


What you need to do now to get your your share of this free advertising on Yelp.

A. You need to claim your business! There is a process to go through but it is fairly easy to do. Once this is done you can get customer reviews, communicate with them, track the number of page views. You can update your Yelp Listing without Yelp approval your product information or history. You can also offer specials promotions for new customers or previous clients.  If you are a business or provide a service you can promote it here.

B. Now you are on Yelp work your location! People will look for businesses that are close to them. Seek businesses close to you and ask for a recommendation. Use vendors that you have used to give a review of your services and Reciprocate in kind.

C. Create a Buzz on Yelp by speaking to your clients and participate when you get a review. While you are acknowledging the review you also influence others that are reviewing your store or services reviews to decide if they will use your services.

D. Personalize your communication and review your ratings daily. If you get a bad review reach out to them and offer them some way to correct the problem.

E. Put your best face on! Do not get negative if you have a bad review. Try to read a bad review with an open mind, and be honest with yourself. Criticism is a valuable tool if used correctly.

Google has been reported to have offered $500 Million to purchase Yelp. This shows the power of Yelp.

With 32 million people looking at Yelp for a business or service every month can you afford not to have a Yelp presence?

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