My New Outside Blog: Report: Is this the end to Power Companies as we know it? Report: Is this the end to Power Companies as we know it? Report: Is this the end to power Companies as we know it? If you read the article from or saw the 60 minutes segment on a small company based in Silicone Valley that produces a small cube sized box they loving call the Bloom Box you would say yes to the question! This little box is the brainstorm from a rocket scientist K. R Sridhar that worked on the Mars Project for NASA who created a small device to make oxygen for the now defunct Mars Colony  that has since been de-funded. By reverse engineering he developed a low cost fuel cell with unbelievable results in efficiency, size and will work on virtually with all sources of fuel from natural gas to bio fuel.

With over $400 million in investment funds it could hold the answers of weaning the nation off of the dependency from oil.  This secretive company that does not even have the company name on its building finally has allowed 60 Minutes to see the company and speak to clients that have been testing for up to 18 months this amazing product. With over 100 companies working to find the answer it appears this manufacturer of the Bloom Box is closer to finding the holy grail, cheap, green, environment friendly, no pollution, power source, for not only Businesses, but homes as well.


With two little boxes connected to a gas line it would produce enough electricity for every average sized American home. Expected cost per home is $6,000.00 plus installation and would pay for itself in less then 3 years. Sounds to good to be true doesn't, but look at the trial models already in use and your skepticism. Who are the Guinea pigs for this testing? Try these on for size FEDEX, E-bay, Google, Staples and Wall-mart. Don't take my word, look at the video.

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I saw the segment and it is an exciting thought. So far-- it reminds me of the 200 MPG carburator. Let's all hope it works!

Posted by John Rakoci, North Myrtle Beach Coastal Carolinas (Eagle Realty) over 10 years ago